Friday, 20 April 2018

Cycle lanes and pains

We were up in the Rothaar Mountainsm of Germany over Easter, which are some low mountains and the source of the Seig river, running past the village where we were staying and down to the Rhine.

 There was a fantastic cycle track alongside the Seig, which running along the valley was more or less flat. We rode interrupted for 20KM along the beautiful river,  safely away from traffic, on a smooth tarmac cycle way and foot path which put's our local cycle paths to shame.

We had a good collection of bikes to choose from, unfortunately I didn't read the "No Compression" label until well into the ride. The German's tend to be very factual and this was no exception - ouch!

Fortunately recovery didn't take too long aided by the local Weissbier in the local beer garden.

With apologies to those at home who had rather more rain over the Easter holiday, I guess it all comes down to land mass, there were a few cold days and it was COLD but when the sun came out it was 22 degrees plus even in the mountains, lovely.


  1. I have cycled extensively in The Netherlands and love the way their cycle paths are completely separated from the main roading system. Also there are regular maps along the way that you can consult and get directions - the whole outfit is certainly an exemplar system, I wish we had a layout like this in NZ.

  2. yup, good cycle paths are the way forward


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