Monday 28 November 2016

Haul Out

Friend Greg's new gaffer being hauled out at Netley Cliff Sailing club for final fit out. She made her way from the Elephant boatyard under her own power.

Looking really good.


  1. What a really nice little pocket crusiser. May be guessing here, but is this an 'Itchen Ferry' type hull? Does she have a centre board? Hope you will keep us up to date with the launching? What does she look like inside?
    I am guessing again - a gaff cutter rig with a bowsprit?

  2. Alden - Itchen ferry it is, gaff rigged and bowsprit but no centre board which weren't used on the originals, full keel but relatively shallow draft like the original IF's. Hull came from a 1970's Itechen Ferry.

  3. Yes - looked at the link, even see that I commented on the beginnings of the makeover. She sure looks a whole lot better in her new reincarnation.


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