Thursday 29 September 2016

How it all started

The first yacht I owned was a Caprice Mk V, a GRP version of the Robert Tucker bilge keel, sloop originally designed for plywood.

I was in my 20's, it was affordable and I had read Shrimpy, Shane Acton's account of sailing around the world in an early plywood Caprice, not that I had those aspirations at the time, but it seemed like a good recommendation of a tough little boat.

The reality was perhaps a little different, and while it was great fun, it was also tiny, to use the toilet you had to have your head sticking out of the fore hatch, and the performance of those twin keels wasn't great.

That said it was a great entry into to sailing, cheap and affordable and I learned a lot. I found this on boatdesign forum from a few years ago, a modified Mk2 guaranteed to start a conversation in any anchorage.


  1. That's a good start Max. Keep going. Next boat? and the next? and the next?

  2. The GRP Mark V version is the one I like the best. I think it would be a great little boat for a Kiwi tourist in the UK (such as moi) to live out his dream of exploring the East coast from the entrance to the Thames river to the Norfolk Broads.

  3. Brandon, that's quite a good idea, part of me worry's that it could sound a bit boastful "boats I've owned"- but then none of them are exactly super yachts

    Alden - interesting idea plenty of cheap boats in the UK - guess you've been following Dylan Winter? On the other hand, what's the scope for picking up an old used boat to cruise NZ for 6 months or so?

  4. Yes, Dylan Winter is on my Blog List.

    The situation regarding cheap boats is I think pretty similar world wide. There is a new generation are not flocking to sailing in the same numbers as in the past. As a result there are a plenty of good buys to be had in NZ. Some need a lot of time and money spent on them, others are a real bargain. Try

  5. Now there's a blast from the past, brings back memories of when every other yacht was a Tucker! My Father had a Felicity for many years too...Happy Days.

  6. Apart from a Mirror, my first real boat was the same MkV Caprice, based in Chichester and sailed all over the Solent while learning.
    I had full intentions of going back to NZ and buying a cheap boat to cruise around North Island for a few months. I did both islands cruising in an old L200 van i used as a camper, only way to see so much country in 3 months. Cheap boats are abundant it seems pretty much everywhere.


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