Friday 16 September 2016


One of the loveliest local classics, Cetewayo navigates carefully around the dinghy start at Bursledon regatta recently. With Brooklands in the background it's a picture perfect setting.

Cetewayo was built and launched  on the Clyde by Morris & Lorrimar to a Laurent Giles design, originally named Zulu


  1. Had the pleasure of seeing her under full sail earlier this summer.... beautiful boat...

  2. There is an article about David Murrin, Cetewayos owner in the August edition of Classic Boat magazine. He seems as interesting a character as his beloved classic yacht. He has an interesting theory - "I would make the argument that democracy started in Britain because of the ratio of our coastline to internal volume, because seafarers have to be independent of thought - they have ultimate responsibility for their actions. Consequently, it was not an accident that Britain was the first effective modern European democracy". Great stuff!!


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