Monday 28 March 2016

After Storm Katy

As predicted Storm Katy blew through on Easter Sunday, all night the wind howled and the chimneys whistled, while the house generally creaked and rain rattled against the windows.

The next day we went over to Emsworth for a late breakfast and spotted a catamaran clearly where it shouldn't be.

There was also a yacht, not a bilge keeler, left high and dry. Presumably with the combination of high winds and high tide it might be a while before either of these are off and in deep water again.

In the dinghy park things weren't much better, although there was a big turnout for a work party who soon had things back on an even keel and more than a few covers straightened out and secured.

Whether this boat had washed ashore or had been left on the town pontoon wasn't clear, either way it had a very hard time, both sails were flogged and shredded, the starboard windows were missing and the saloon cushions were splayed along the pontoon.

Up at the end of the creek a yacht and fishing boat were hard up against the wall and not where they should be, making for pretty novel garden ornaments.

And probably worse of all what looks like the remains of a Caprice washed up on the hard with the mast broken, probably lucky that it didn't come through the living room windows.

All in all one of the worst gales we've had in recent years, hopefully no one was hurt and the boats can get fixed.


  1. It's always sad to see boats in trouble. Despite the fact that some of them had soft landings it's going to take some time, effort and money to gets things straight again - makes me want to go out and buy a trailer sailer and keep it at home in a fort.

  2. Max - was just preparing a post on the same subject myself... can I "borrow" your picture of the cat (credited naturally) as she belongs to a fellow club member - gutted for him, he only launched a few weeks ago.... the boat on the quay was there last week (in considerably better condition) I'd assumed the owner had beached her for a few days of underwater work as he had some decent anchors out - clearly not enough to hold her - the way she's lying either she's buried a bilge keel or it's broken... the Caprice was gone by the time I went past this morning.. the blue one is "Geraldine" a Leisure 17, and I feel sure she went walkabout in a storm last year - bad luck for the owner....

  3. steve, sure np, drop me an email be nice to say hello one day when we're over your way

  4. Max - an update... the cat is back on her moorings - owner has reported no structural problems except for the genoa (and he had a spare so that is now fitted) - Geraldine (the blue Leisure 17) is back on her mooring but I thought floating a little low when I went past.. the fishing boat's gone too, as has the Caprice... the yacht on the pontoon is still there and is now a right off.. major fractures starboard side... new owner apparently - he'd only had the boat a few weeks.... :o(


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