Thursday 14 January 2016

Private Fishing

Who Me?


  1. In New Zealand we have what is loosely called "The Queen's Chain" which means that no one can own any land or sea below the high tide mark - with the exception of some Maori Tribes who own some lake beds. Access to all lakes and rivers are also guaranteed by being protected under law So signs like this 'Private No Fishing' are quite a novelty. If I came across one of these in NZ I would probably pull it out!

  2. Alden, you're making us jealous, so many of our rivers over here are private and non navigable. By contrast I was in France recently where almost all of their waterways have right of navigation - don't get me started!!!!

    1. The word you need is "Envious" not "jealous...

      I'm the grammar snob about whom you mother warned you...

    2. adjective
      feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages

      of course my resentment is directed toward UK government and legal history rather than toward Alden.

  3. The one on the right must be guilty.....he hasn't got a leg to stand on!


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