Friday 29 January 2016

Local Knowledge

I was able to help out fellow blogger Tillerman recently having spotted the Cowes Hammerhead crane in an old sailing photo of him from back in the 1980's. For anyone who's traveled up the Median river from  Cowes, the crane (sometimes called Souter's crane correctly or not) will be a familiar land mark.

The character of the river changes markedly above the chain ferry which runs between west and east Cowes. Upriver the river frontage is still largely industrial although the seemingly inevitable waterside flats have taken a firm hold. Downriver the entrance still has it's classic, even aristocratic elegance down past the promenade to the Royal Yacht Squadron.


  1. I never tire of sailing into Cowes.. one of my favourite sailing places to arrive in...

  2. Steve - yes even going over for the day feels like a holiday voyage.


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