Saturday 18 July 2015

Slipway Saturday - Redcliffe

Redcliffe Farm is a camping and caravan site just outside Wareham in Dorset which has it's own slipway onto the Frome River which leads into Poole harbour.

It's a charming spot about a mile down river from Wareham and slightly further the other way to Poole. The river is banked by tall reeds. Below the nearby Redcliffe yacht Club.  Despite being a busy weekend in the campsite, there were plenty of boats and canoes, the slipway didn't seem busy or crowded.

The tidal range at neaps was only 0.8 meters and the slipway is wide and long which makes it usable at most states of the tides for small boats and dinghies. Below a local Falouth Bass Boat launches.

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