Tuesday 28 July 2015

Petrel on the water

I wrote about Petrel when she was ashore being prepped for the season, so it was nice to see her cruising past as we had lunch at Itchenor recently.

It was a perfect day for a picnic and petrel looks the perfect boat for a potter down the habour and then find a quiet spot for lunch.


  1. Nice little boat - I like small boats with buddies - you never know when you might have to hide from the rain for a while and great for stowing stuff.

  2. That is "cuddles" I think the word got itself spelled checked to buddies - sometimes I think computers are imposingly far too bloody smart for their own or my good.

  3. Good god, I don't believe this - the word is the plural of cuddy - that is cuddies - lets see if it works this time.

  4. ...anyhow a boat with buddies and cuddles doesn't sound too bad either ... :)


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