Thursday 9 July 2015


We went down to Dartmouth recently, partly to celebrate my birthday and partly as we haven't been there for far too long.

The river is spectacular, a sheltered deep water harbour, home to the famous naval college, it was a favorite of Queen Victoria and the traces of colonial splendor are to be seen all around the town.

At the center of town is the small boat harbour, curiously boats enter through a passage under the promenade which limits the size and height.

On the Kingswear side the steam railway runs alongside the moorings.

The  road into and out of town rises steeply, for visitors there's now a park and ride, but misses out some of the great views.

With just a long weekend we drove down as quickly as the holiday traffic would allow, but we're made the entrance many times in both day and night. Above a yacht passes the Mew Stone outside the entrance.

The view from the other direction with the Royal Dart YC upstream of St Catherine's castle in the distance.


  1. Happy Birthday.. did you get to the Cherub? :-)

  2. Thanks Steve - and no not this visit, frankly the weather was too nice we sat out on the beach at Strete until late cooking supper - was the summer solstice light until gone 10.00 PM


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