Wednesday 10 September 2014

Schooner Everhopeful

It's not often you see a schooner in UK waters and even more rare to see an open boat of this size with the famous 2 masted rig.

At first sight from a distance I thought perhaps it was a Phil Bolger designed light schooner, but as it came into closer view the curve to the sheer and tucked up stern suggested that it's something different.

Approaching the moorings they went about and headed off down Chichester harbour so I didn't get the chance for a closer look, but by happy co incidence investigation with friends reveals that she is a Oyster catcher designed by Conrad Natzio and called Everhopeful

Great to see a schooner out on the water.


  1. Where were the pictures taken, Max?

  2. Having followed the link, I see she was at Dell Quay, which means the photos capture an even rarer sight than a sailing! That's Wayne in the bow, Marcus amidships and me with my hand glued to the tiller. Can I have hi res copies, please?

  3. Chris, of course they're 18MB each not sure they'll email very well.
    Can I come for a sail please?

  4. 18MB? Shooting RAW, are we? If you send over some nice modestly-size jpgs, I will ask Wayne if he will take us both for a sail. Won't be until next year, though - he only goes out at the DCA/HBBR Cobnor week

  5. Isn't Everhopeful a beautifully done Natzio Oystercatcher?

  6. Quite right Len - you just can't get the journalistic staff these days

  7. Hi Max - thanks for sending me the pics. I have posted them on


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