Friday 5 September 2014

Folk Boat Friday No 15

It's not until you start looking that you realise there are so many Marieholn Folk Boats around.

I can't help thinking that outboard doesn't do much for the looks department and seems very exposed hung right out there.


  1. If you want to ruin the looks of a beautiful boat, get one of those big spray hood things. If you want to stay dry at sea, get a gin palace or buy a ticket for a cross channel ferry.

  2. I don't like the sprayhood either and usually have it down when sailing. It is however useful in the winter as the IF is quite an exposed and wet boat. Again, the outboard isn't pretty. I'd like to convert to one of those slider brackets, but that would mean converting the pushpit too. I will do eventually but for now this has to do.


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