Friday 17 May 2013

Norwegian Pram

If you walk around the RAF Yacht Club dinghy compound you will see the usual mix of tenders, inflatables, polypropylene dinghies and more than a few grp boats ranging from brand new to nearly derelict. So it was nice to see this Norwegian Pram (or should it be Praam) being launched down the slip way.

A quick chat with the owner revealed that it's just been through a restoration. Unfortunately I'd left my camera aboard Matilda Emilie so this was the only shot I managed to get, looks like it rows along very nicely.


  1. Very nice. When did the pra'am or praam dinghy become a pram, I wonder?

  2. that's a nice looking little boat!

  3. Good point Momist - but Pram seems to be in general use for a transom stem dinghy


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