Thursday 30 May 2013


Over on Boat Bits, Rob aka Loose Moose posted a bit of a polemic about ferro boats. I have to say I'm in agreement of what he has to say. He then went on to feature a Peter Ibold designed Endurance 35 as an example of the type.

The only problem was the Endurance in the picture picture isn't ferro, I know because it was my boat Angelina, the photo was taken by me on her Hamble river mooring when I first got her back from the South of France  in 2000.

I dropped Rob a quick note and being a good sort (and well worth a read) he's replaced it with a picture of the genuine article (although I have to say not nearly so pretty an example).

For the record Angelina was built in GRP (polyester to the locals) by a small yard called Stratimar on the Canal de Midi near Bezier, I bought her in France and brought her back to England, she was a great cruising boat, if a little under canvassed.

We sold he onto a new owner who keeps her over on the East coast near Ipswich.

Listening to Billericay Dickie


  1. So you're not a bleedin thicky.
    And your doin' very well.

  2. As Cyril Smith probably said "what a waist what a waist but I don't mind"


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