Friday 3 May 2013

Matilda Emily

I haven't written much about Matilda Emily since her launch last March, what with one thing and another we didn't actually get around to sailing her that much last season and with a major building project under way since the start of the year she's been a little neglected.

With a fine weekend in prospect and Joseph and mum going off to the theatre for a birthday treat I took the opportunity to give her a scrub and general clean up.

It was the smallest neap tide of the year so I was a little heart in mouth approaching the scrubbing bay at the RAFYC, I shouldn't have worried, the gauge is measured from the very top of the scrubbing bay where it meets the wall and there was ample water, plus I had the scrubbing dock to myself, just one of the advantages of lifting keel, shallow draft.

Time was a little tight between the water going out, pressure washing and getting the hull dry enough for a coat of anti foul, but with the tide lapping back in around my ankles I got the last paint on and the masking tape off.

Even with a neap tide we floated off more than two hours before HW and Matilda Emily was back on her mooring, ready for the season.

Fingers crossed for some good weather.


  1. Nice to see that the mistress got a little attention. I'm sure she is happy, or at least not so jealous, now.

    She really does look fun to sail. I always envision, however, dropping a winch handle, or other expensive gear, and having it bounce a couple of times on the cockpit floor and "plop" out that open stern.

    I look forward to a good report of a thrilling sail.


  2. So nice not having to pay for haul-out. And it always amazed me how immediately the boat can go in after painting the bottom. Which reminds me...tomorrow is bottom-painting day, but I don't need to worry about the tide.

  3. Brandon - not just open cockpit boats, I dropped one of Blue Clipper's original lewmar winch handles over the side in mid Atlantic, getting a replacement (square drive) cost $200 in the Caribbean and that was 15 years ago!!

    Baydog, the club charges £20 but that includes use of the pressure washer so not a bad deal

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  5. Hello, Can you remember how deep the water was at HW on that neap tide? I'm planning to use the RAF posts and trying to judge a good day to get in there. I need 1.3m. Was that photo taken at HW, as it looks as though it's close to just 1m of water? Many thanks, Mat.

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