Friday 20 July 2012

On the Hard

On one of the few sunny days this season this classic canoe yawl was pulled up on the hard at Hamble for a scrub, anti foul and a spot of maintenance.

I think the boat is Snippet which featured back in February, sadly I was being dragged away by a small boy on his new bicycle and didn't have time to chat with the owner.

Not a bad way to spend a spring morning with the sun shining, in pleasant surroundings doing some work on a lovely boat.


  1. What a heart stopper! I'm surprised he can do antifoulant work on a tide flat. We haven't been allowed to do that for 20 years. In fact, most haulout yards require 100% capture and disposal these days.

  2. Michael, it won't be long before we get similar legislation - you have to question the polluting effects of a few splashes of paint from the small number of boats who do still dry out for anti foul between the tides v's the combined pollution from 3500 boats in the river who's anti foul ablates away over the season


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