Saturday 14 July 2012

Motor Sailors

With the bad weather dragging on week after week after week this season I'm starting to see the appeal of a motor sailor. The old image of only being able to sail downwind in a gale is long gone, with many examples being based on yacht hulls and rigs with reasonable performance, a big engine to get you there when you need it and a comfy deck saloon from which to enjoy the surroundings.

If the thought of a motor sailor is a bit too much like "pipe and slippers" then maybe a sturdy doghouse like this one fitted to a Westerly makes sense and would certainly extend the sailing season despite the rain.

Of course when it's cold and wet actually going sailing isn't that appealing, so why not something like this old favourite of mine, the perfect floating weekend cottage, warmed by a roaring stove, great views and when you want to go somewhere crank up that slow revving diesel from the comfort of that wheelhouse.

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  1. Hi Max,

    I do like the dodger (dog house) in the second picture. In the Northwest US we know a thing or two about rain. Most boats have a canvas dodger but it usually stays on in all weathers. A hard dodger makes sense so you don't have to replace the canvas every seven or 10 years.


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