Tuesday 26 July 2011

St Ekaterina

In Canary Wharf, London's financial centre for an early meeting I spotted this motor yacht moored alongside. Originally one of the old commercial ship docks it has been transformed as the area was developed to become the heart of our financial district. In the background the Millennium Dome.

I didn't see a national flag, nor port of registry so a quick look on Google found details of a charter yacht of the same name which is described as a 60 meter Benetti luxury motor yacht on charter for $325,000 per week. She looks right at home among the Canary Wharf towers.


  1. The owner of St Ekatherina just be struggling financially to moor a super yacht of this type on the river Thames. ( What a shit Hole ). I thought some yacht as large as this would be down in the Med or berthed Monaco. July 2011 is a peak chartering time and who would want to charter a yacht like this on the Thames at £325,000 per week. There was a rumour that Bob Diamond the CEO of Barclays Bank ( New York ) was going to charter it out of is $15 million bonus to entertain George Osbourne and David Cameron.

  2. Sir Fred Goodwin was going to charter St Ekatherina but he could not afford it out of is £750,000 per annum pension that the UK tax payers are paying him for loosing £10 billion in The Royal Bank of Scotland of the Uk tax payer money.


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