Friday 15 July 2011

Cake Appeal

Actually it's a boat appeal - we need more boats to feature on our 1001 Boats blog.

The most popular post on Bursledon Blog is still Valentine Cookies, I still can't quite understand why cakes would bring in more page reads than the fabulous boats we feature, but in order to attract the maximum publicity for our appeal I decided to post some more cake, this time Erica's frosted summer berry cake.

Having got your attention; reaction to 1001 Boats has been fantastic, between myself and my co authors Michael, Brandon and Tom we've posted nearly 70 boats, all classic, all beautiful, all boats that you really should see. Many have been sent in by readers and followers of our blogs and a special thank you goes out to everyone who has written in.

But with 930 odd still to go we need more boats, so please join in the fun, drop us an email with some photos and a few words about your favourite boat, we'd love to feature it.

We're also pleased to announce Patrick who has joined us as an author from Northern France, apparently he's already spotted a couple of interesting local boats, which we look forward to seeing. If you would like to be a co author please let me know.


  1. Pleased to hear the 1001 boat project is going so well. I feel guilty that I have contributed zero posts for the 1001 boat blog so far. Is it only for classic boats now? I seem to remember that when we were brainstorming the idea originally we envisaged it would include all sorts of sailing boats.

  2. Food blog! I too feel guilty and must get on the stick.


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