Saturday, 23 July 2011

McGruer Classic

Back in August last year we spotted a honeymoon yacht which was tied alongside Lymington town quay sporting a "Just Married" sign. It was nice to get an email from Louise who explains that she and her husband did indeed spend their honeymoon cruising the Solent aboard their yacht Sarlia.

Erica and I spent our honeymoon cursing the south coast over 10 years ago, so maybe it's a good way to start to married life.

Louise also reports that Sarila is up for sale as they have acquired another classic yacht Marelle built by McGruer in teak.

Marelle is based locally, in fact I'd noticed an interesting yacht as I walked past recently, but hadn't got around to rowing around for a better look. You can follow the adventures of Marelle on Louise's blog


  1. I think you mean you spent your honeymoon cruising, not "cursing".

    Or perhaps....?

  2. Patrick, as I recall we stormed up the Needles channel, pitch black in a really violent squall, couldn't even see the needles lighthouse, we could only sail the course and hope we got it right - sometime after midnight as it passed we were off Lymington and pitched up on a mooring sometime around 2.30AM - so maybe it was a subliminal typo!!

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