Friday 20 August 2010


The picture says it all, we spotted this delightful double ender down on Lymington quay during the week, sporting flowers and a "just Married" banner (didn't notice if they were towing a load of old tin cans though!).

It reminded us that Erica and I spent our honeymoon sailing, just a leisurely cruise along the south coast to the west country. It was all really nice until coming home, we had made a fast passage from Dartmouth but arrived in the Needles Channel at night, just as a black squall hit with zero visibility and shrieking winds.

We popped through the Hurst narrows like a cork from a bottle and couldn't decide whether to turn right for Yarmouth or left for Lymington. We chose Lymington and by the early hours were safely moored between piles off the town. That was 10 years ago.


  1. happy 10th! congratulations & celebrate the whole year!!

  2. thanks Christina - amazing that Erica is still prepared to go sailing with me!!


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