Saturday 2 January 2010

Spring Tide

I really did start the day with the best of intentions, the clear skies overnight had left a white dusting of frost, but with some warm winter clothes on, it promised to be a nice day to get some work done on Greta, our yawl, while she is ashore in the yard.

And of course, when your boat is ashore, why would you bother checking on tide times?

A couple of nights before I was too busy drinking and not thinking, when we had gone out to admire the spectacular full moon. A big spring tide normally occurs a couple of days after full moon and so it was that the boat yard was completely flooded.

Greta was blocked up so at least she was high and dry, but there was no way I was going to get out to her without a pair of waders.

Even the entrance to the Ferry Restaurant was flooded, at that point I packed up my tools and went rowing.


  1. It was a fab day for rowing, wasn't it? Crisp and windless. The few sailors I saw looked ashen with cold, while I was nice and crispy after the first ten minutes.

  2. Chris,

    absoluetly - I felt quite snug yesterday rowing in glorious sunshine in just a tee shirt while the sailors huddled in their Henry Gil Hanson's.

    That said I'm going sailing this morning - I really should know better!


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