Wednesday 20 January 2010

The butcher, The baker…

And don’t even bother to ask about a candlestick maker.

One of the petty annoyances for those living in Bursledon is the lack of local shops. Of course we do have a huge Tesco superstore, built on the site of the old Windhover Manor, which sells pretty much everything. They are open 24 hours most days, plus there’s a convenience store in Lowford for bread, milk and fish fingers etc - so what’s the problem?

Well the problem is I like to shop for fresh, local food, at local shops, where I know people. Sadly the nearest local shops are at Park Gate, more than a couple of miles away, which means getting in the car and driving. But at least they have a butcher, a greengrocer and a bakery (which makes especially good sausage rolls!!).

Having said all that, down beside Bursledon Bridge we do have Bradley’s fish mongers. Tucked away behind the Cabin Boatyard, they have a great selection of fresh fish and shell fish.

Erica and I dropped by just before closing time on Saturday to pick up some mussels for tea.

Stuart, Alec and Tristan (from right to left) were getting ready to shut up shop, but there was still plenty to choose from and it was delicious!!


  1. I always tend to think that the UK towns haven't had these problems but obviously I am wrong. It gets harder and harder for local businesses and produce wherever you go.

  2. You could always treat yourself to a day out in Emsworth.......

  3. Nick, we frequently do, in fact we have spent far too much time in the sausage pub.

    But the point is I would like to walk to our shops.


  4. I notice that the fishmonger prices things by the pound rather than the kilo. Good folk indeed!

  5. When Carol Anne lived a year in England she was amused by shop labels such as,
    Metric pack -- 454 grams, or
    Metric pack -- 20 teabags.


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