Friday 24 May 2024

Random boats

After the recent travel items, lets get back to the boats

 Above a really nice small open motor boat, harbour launch ideal for fishing, picnics or just pottering. In these days of ubiquitous inflatable RIBs, it's nice to see a simple and straight forward and useful boat, although that center console with instrument array is a nod to the modern.

 Apparently in the 1920's and 30's and post WW2 small hydroplanes similar to this were raced in Southampton water. This seems to be a later and powerful craft but some of the early hydroplanes are very small. There's a example of a Bruce Crandel designed Class C Flyer in the National Maritime Museum which looks to be around perhaps  six or eight feet powered by a small but high performance outboard motor of the day.

There are several plans for still available relatively easy to build with epoxy and play, which would be an interesting project if time allowed.

Such a useful dinghy, circa 12 feet, single lug sail (seems like standing lug), easy to sail, good a s yacht tender, could be rowed, sailed or fitted with an outboard. Light enough to launch. The only downside is the upkeep of all that lovely varnish work, but I guess that's the price of beauty.

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