Friday 31 May 2024

Digital Training Vessel

 This looks to be the new digital training vessel owned an operated by South Hampshire College Group.

According to a recent announcement SHCG ordered the vessel which is powered by Robosys Voyager AI, 

the craft "will be used through remote control operations either in-line-of-sight from ashore using a local wireless controller or from a classroom-based control. "

This type of craft is used for surveying, patrolling, monitoring, and more recently, search and rescue operations, training on the Group’s new DTV will enable students to learn on a real-life, compact uncrewed surface vessel to support marine engineering, marine electronics, software and digital skills. 

I had the opportunity to talk with IBM's lead architect for the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project and discussed the granularity of it's collision avoidance capability which in terms of large scale items ships, rocks etc is very good. My view is the capabilities will need to progress in identification of small floating hazzards including yachts as these types of semi intelligent craft proliferate especially so in nearshore operations where much of the wind farms, navigation buoys, fisheries combine with heavy small craft traffic.

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