Monday 25 September 2023

Pathway Breech

The causeway path that runs alongside the Hamble River was breached some time ago, the lagoon alongside Bunny Meadows now fills and empties directly through the breech no doubt making the damage worse with every time and especially so at springs and in strong south-westerlies which push up the HW

For some reason Hampshire County Council Countryside Services have decided not to repair but to erect a temporary bridge. It will be interesting to see how that will fare during the coming winter, plus there are signs of breaches occurring at other places on the pathway, so might we be seeing a proliferation of such bridges or worse still a closure of the path which is a hugely popular recreational route.

For some reason it seems as though our local councils would rather spend money on signs and decorative items rather than than getting on with proper maintenance. No doubt that was a different department, different budget, but it's still our tax money.

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