Friday 1 September 2023

Local Classics

A few classics seen out and about on the Solent over the summer.

Without my glasses when I took this photo I thought it might be West Solent One design, but clearly not, from the sail number it seems to be Uandi a Belfast Lough Class  - Fife design built in 1897.

Between that lovely counter stern and the bowsprit somewhere around 40% of the mooring fees must be taken up just casting a shadow on the water, modern marina charges probably didn't figure highly in Mr Fife's design brief back in those days.

Jolie Brise out on a fine day, dropping the main before heading back up the Hamble

There seems to be quite a few boats around called Volante, this one has the look of an S&S design and looks gorgeous all varnished,  credit to her owner the upkeep must be significant.

The one of the Daring one design racing class on a mooring in Cowes - there's a great video of what it's like to sail these boats in the Solent on the class site.


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  1. Volantes looks very much like Clarionet and Roundabout, 2 very successful boats from the 1960s/70s. Clarionet won the round the island race twice (I think '68/69). Volante has a shorter cabin trunk finishing short of the mast - very handsome boat - although I would dispense with the varnish on the hull : > )


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