Friday 28 July 2023

Interesting sloop

Interesting sloop down on the river, at first glance it has a north American look with the broad stern, transom hung rudder and short bowsprit.

The cove stripe and bumpkin look like Hiscock's Wanderer III (Laurent Giles of Lymington design) which might be the case given it's a local boat, certainly the relatively low aspect main and large fore triangle are of that era.



  1. Certainly has the signature Giles side strakes and the transom stern of the Wanderer 3 and the later Wanderer Class - although the bowsprit it not a feature of either of these possibilities. It would be interesting to see the boat without the cover on it.

  2. Hi Alden - good point, I'll row/kayak past for. a closer look - of at least I will once the weather improves


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