Monday 17 July 2023

Interesting Local Boats in Cowes

Helping out on a fast delivery trip (250HP RIB) to Cowes was also a great opportunity to check out some interesting boats over there

Above aluminum, flush deck, a serious offshore perhaps expedition yacht, certainly designed and built to go places, I've personally liked the look of the unfinished aluminum ever since I saw an Alubat/Ovni in France 25 plus year ago  .

This one could have appeared in Howards's Way and is a dated as new romantics, shoulder pads, baggy suits and fizzy perms, but I still like yachts from the 80's

Modern racers are no less exotic and in this case difficult to photograph, very organic, scow hull with an amazing deep cherry, purple candy paint job - wow.

Further up the Medina there are usually some unusual and interesting yachts to be found and this is no exception. I wouldn't ever aspire to anything so big to sail, but it would make a fantastic floating weekend cottage.

Probably one of the nicest MFV's around

 This looks like the front end of the Disco Volante, Largo's super yacht in Thunderball,  in the last sequence Largo jettison's the aft section and the front powers off on hydrofoils. James Bond and Largo battle over the controls while the action is ludicrously sped up until the boat hits a reef and explodes. Fortunately this one is in much better condition and ownership.

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