Monday 6 March 2023

Troll 26

Interesting sports boat built by Chantier des Ileaux,  Noirmoutier to a design by Italian naval architect Paolo Bua the Troll 26.

It's described as "8 meters long by 2.50 meters at the main beam, 1.80 meters draft, simple, sleek and elegant, this boat is perfectly designed for day trips, fast, friendly & technical."

The owner was involved with the build, Chantier des Ileaux say "which underlines the shipyard's philosophy of transforming a dream into a concrete project by combining the nobility of wood with the latest innovations in Strip Planking".

Another lovely, more traditional looking day boat built by the same yard the Indigo, who's looks somewhat disguise  it's performance. It sports a NACRA profile keel, flat top mainsail, carbon bowsprit and asymmetric spinnaker to go with the clinker (lapstrake)  planking. Really nice.

 Worth a look at some examples of the other boats the yard has built here

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