Friday, 17 March 2023

French classic day boats

As an avowed day boat fan, I can't pass up the opportunity to check out interesting day boats when we're visiting new places.

These first three all have small cuddy cabins, I think the French call them Peche Promenade but that seems to also apply to any small boat. These are three although individually different are very much in the small yacht category, wooden constructed and maybe with the exception of the middle one reminiscent of small pre war designs.

The cabin/cuddy is a really useful feature, great place to stow clothes and equipment, boil the kettle, shelter if it gets rough and cold assuming you can sit and steer from the companion way, or just retire below on the mooring for a snooze.

At the other end of the scale this seems to be a racing class, interesting canoe stern.

Slightly larger than a day boat and probably a local fishing boat, the hull form is very similar to the two smaller open boats below, so maybe evolved for the local waters around Noirmoutier.

These last two are very similar and there were several others along the rivers of the same size and shape, the area has extensive oyster beds so perhaps they evolved from that trade or local fishing.

Overall not dissimilar to our local Itchen Ferry but with perhaps a little more gallic flare.

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