Friday 23 December 2022

Christmas Tree Festival

Local church St John's at Locks Heath held a Christmas tree festival, local schools and club were invited to decorate trees with a theme. I didn't count how many trees there were but the church and the church hall alongside were full of wonderfully decorated trees. To add to the event local musicians were on hand and refreshments were being served on a cold and dark Saturday afternoon.

Suitably decorated in musical theme The Joy of Singing by the Sheppard Singers.

Probably a good reminder as we go into Christmas and the all too usual over indulgence, St John's Slimming World tree, probably will pick up a few new members in the new year :O)

 Celebrations vs Heroes by the Churchwardens, bit of a play on words as both are chocolates,  a good way to celebrate our heroes

This was really lovely, you could write a dedication or memory to someone on a paper star and hang it on the tree which was very popular as can be seen.

Local Beaver troop (where Joseph got started with Scouts) - you can't help but smile.

Those were just a few of my favorites, thanks to everyone who put in so much time and effort. 
Merry Christmas

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