Monday 26 September 2022

Odd Boat

I confess to a fascination with unusual vessels which that use creative design to push the boundaries. This BAR Tech 30 offshore Support vessel, operated by Seacat Services looks like a good example.

The efficiency of long thin hull forms are well understood, combined here with the stability offered by an asymmetric multi hull configuration has created a vessel which compared to more conventional contemporary vessels offers significant fuel efficiency and by consequence reduced emissions.

I also confess to being a fan of aluminum construction which has a functional aesthetic. The asymmetric configuration uses the BAR Technologies’ patented Foil Optimised Stability System (FOSS) improving pitch and roll acceleration, which presumably equates to improved crew comfort and safety



  1. Aluminium, correctly protected from electrolysis is perhaps the perfect boat building material - and I agree with the functional unpainted aesthetic.

  2. Technology flowing down from the America's Cup racing.. interesting to see Sir Ben's team are still engaged and moving things forward


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