Friday 15 July 2022

Three are better than one

 Trimarans are interesting multihuls, rather than twin hulls I tend to think of tri's as a fast lightweith hull form with a stablising outrigger instead of a keel, only one of the outside floats should be in contact with the water depending on which tack the boat is on.


This is a home designed and built tri from Netley Cliff Sailing club, pictures kindly provided by Greg.

Greg explains

"Update on the mystery trimaran at ncsc….. I met the owner /builder yesterday busy fettling his machine..a really nice guy and a naval architect. He has apparently built numerous experimental boats and is bubbling with ideas…this one he created after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and is set up to cope with the problems he now has in sailing. 

He reckons that although the waterline length is only 8 ft it keeps up with 14ft dinghies. Obviously a speed freak ,he told me that he designed, built and sailed numerous world sailing speed record boats (including Jacob’s Ladder with a friend of mine) and that his last record was still unbroken at 60+Knots! If only every strange looking boat had a tale to tell like that"

I have a feeling that I've met the owner and builder many years ago when he and his wife owned a Nigel Irens designed Roxanne on which we sailed as crew in an Olf Gaffers race, and did quite well as I recall. 

Some impressive welding on the trolley wheel assembly


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