Monday, 21 February 2022

Storming weekend

I went for my daily lunchtime walk as storm Eunice shook the trees and caused high water to surge even higher than usual, by some estimates as much as 0.8m above the predicted HW of 4.4m.

Things were as predicted down at Crableck, what was the old car park had been commandeered by the local duck population as the waves coming across the river, broke and lapped over the path.

Going down river the path past Bunny meadow was covered and pretty much impassable.

In fact from the shore it wasn't clear that there was a path at all.

Friend and roving Solent reporter Malcolm told me of boats ashore blown off their winter props over at Hythe, no doubt there will be more instances of damage around the Solent, which was reported to have seen winds hit 90mph at the Needles.

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