Monday 3 January 2022

Odd Mods

 One of the good things about old boats is making modifications and improvements, in fact I sometimes think there are a more than a few folk who like working on boats more than they do sailing them.

 Local boat builder Greg sent some pics recently showing some curious modifications to this1970's cruiser.

Having a transom mounted outboard that can be used for maneuvering in the event of engine failure can be very handy, but why two in addition to the boat's main engine. Seems to be taking the precautionary principle a little too far. And we have no idea what those dots all across the transom are for.

 Then there is the keel and rudder modifications, the keel appears to be part GRP, part wooden planks and part iron. As for the ridder as Greg commented "To add to the strangeness the rudder cut out serves no apparent purpose apart from diverting the prop wash through the hole on full lock rendering the rudder useless for tight maneuvers"

1 comment:

  1. Maybe the outboards were used like stern thrusters! And could the cutout be for a folding prop?


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