Monday 1 November 2021


The local Sea Scouts were very kindly given some boats from the estate of a late local businessman. These comprised two Wagtail dinghies and a Thames rowing skiff.

The wagtails are really nice traditional dinghies, very much in the vein of Ransom's Swallows and Amazons, but not really what young teenagers want to sail. Modern dinghies like Pico's or Feva's are more exciting and need significantly less maintenance. The spars and sails had gone missing over the years so the Scouts decided to sell all three boats.

 Wagtails were built on the Hamble by our local boat builder Greg at Salterns Boat builders for many years and having spotted them for sale he and a friend bought both so they are in good hands to be bought back to full compliment. 

At time of writing the Thames skiff is still looking for a new home.


  1. Hi, bit of an update. I bought the yellow Wagtail which has be fully refurbished by Greg and Allen and very much looking forward to sailing her. I have dry rigger her and she looks wonderfull


  3. Is the other Wagtail for sale anywhere?


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