Friday 22 October 2021

Hovercraft flights

 We were going over to Lee on Solent on Saturday morning and passed the Hovercraft Museum which was having a very busy day including demonstration flights from the slipway adjacent Daedalus in partnership with Hovertravel.

 Seen here heading out into the Solent.

Having never been on a hovercraft I floated the idea that a trip would make a good Dad birthday or Christmas present, there are still some dates coming up this year.

Hovercraft Museum

Hovercraft Ride Days 15-minute demo rides on one of the Hovertravel Hovercrafts! 

 16th October 2021 

13th November 2021 1

1th December 2021 

 Plus there's a Hover Halloween season, event who knew there were haunted Hovercraft

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