Tuesday 26 October 2021

Blast from the past

 I remember lusting over these back in the 1970's, well before I could drive, having fitted a new rear view mirror to my Mobylette moped, I no doubt thought I was ready for building a kit car looking something like a cross between a Lamborghini and Corvette. School, girlfriends, Uni probably fortunately, all got in the way.


 Designed by Richard Oaks as the Nova on a VW chassis and engine in the UK and in the US sold as the Sterling. That lift up, center section/door was like something out of Thunderbirds. They were built somewhere in Southampton and apparently successful, although I've only ever seen three or four on the road.

The eagle eyed reader might point out that the engine looks nothing like a VW flat four, in fact it's an aluminum Rover V8 (derived from the Buick engine). Hung out the back there it must have had some interesting handling to say the least.

Great to see one, even better if it's getting restored. It seems there's an active owners association and forum

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