Friday 1 January 2021

More New Forest Natives

 One of the lovely things about the forest are the animals which roam freely and this time in early winter seems the best time of year to see them, especially on a weekday when there are less folks around.

I guess hungry piggies are having a feast of fallen acorns from all the oaks.

The trees are also useful if you need a scratch.

The whole forest takes on a different aspect as the leaves fall and the ferns and bracken turn from green to brown. As the foliage reduces the views through the forest open up and give sight of the landscape which is hidden during the summer months.

 I'm owed a lot of holiday from 2020 so with year end is out of the way I,m planning taking as many Fridays off as possible in the new year to explore the forest more with Mrs BB.


  1. I’ll probably never get another holiday in the UK, and if I do it’ll start in the north, but I’m enjoying your Bursledon stories.
    Every post makes want to see more of your part of Britain.

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