Wednesday 13 May 2020

Hamble River re opens

Hamble river re opened today following the guidance of UK government that we can spend time outdoors – for example sitting and enjoying the fresh air, picnicking, or sunbathing and pursue outdoor sports.

The Hamble Harbour Authority announced that "dinghies, kayakers,  paddle boarders and other river user may use the River Hamble and adjacent waters for recreational purposes."

At just after 6.00AM there were a few presumably keen kayakers out on the water, which is the first time in eight weeks that it's been allowed. Nice to see also that the cars were parked to be socially distanced.


  1. Chichester Harbour Conservancy have just announced the same.. fully expecting limited launchings to commence from the club in the next few weeks... is it weird to be in two minds about this?? A lot of my fellow sailors seems to spend endless hours justifying their flouting of the spirit of the guidance behind lock-down - yeah I want to go sailing, but 4000 new cases were declared only the day before yesterday so is it too soon!

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  2. When I checked yesterday morning - there were mixed messages from cattedown Harbour authority and the Queens Harbourmaster as to whether you could or could not sail on Plymouth Sound. I haven't checked yet today but I am assuming that in the next few days I could go sailing if I wish to.......I'm just trying to decide whether it is socially the responsible thing to do....

  3. Thanks for replies - I'm of the opinion that risk of infection out on a boat away from anyone else is as low as it can get, clearly care and keeping distance from other people launching etc is vital

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