Friday 14 February 2020

Beaulieu walk

This post is in part for Tweezerman who recently commented "I continue to enjoy your writing about your jaunts around the coast of England." It's a jaunt along one of my favorite  New Forest winter walks, from Beaulieu to Bucklers Hard.

Just after leaving Beaulieu the path runs slightly raised and parallel to the river affording some lovely views.

Not that we get too many cold frosty and clear days, but when we do it's best to get up early to see the river at it's best.

Take a short detour down to Bailey's Hard, clearly no one had been ashore on the jetty.

There are some great views as the river winds along with scattered moorings and normally an interesting boat or two.

On the far bank some spectacular dwellings, the best ones are on the eastern shore presumably to get the afternoon sun from the west.

In the woods are a group of stilt cabins, I recall one came up for sale a few years ago at a staggering price for what is essentially a shed on stilts. Fantastic place to spend the weekend.

Further down the path runs along the water's edge, but often in winter it's impassable quagmire, but there's an easier going alternative.

At Bucklers Hard there is plenty of interest and of course the Master Builder hotel and pub await weary walkers.

So if you're visiting this part of the world it's highly recommended, in summer it's really crowded but still worth a trip - four miles from Beaulieu and back.

More details on both Bailey's and Bucklers Hard on this blog -  the search box will take you to those posts.

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  1. You really do have a good eye in your photos. I'm digging the anchored boats in the mist at the moment.


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