Monday, 28 October 2019

Fowey River Class

I've been sailing some relatively modern boats of late, the Laser Stratos and a Hartley 12 to name but two. While I appreciate the speed, the lightness etc, I'm finding the constant movement, adjusting position, hiking in and out didn't make for a relaxing sail.

Not a problem during a race, but  especially for cruising or just pottering around and a long sail, I realised that the type of boat I really enjoy sailing are more traditional, certainly slower, but more stable boats which give me confidence to go further afield with confidence that if I loose concentration for a few moments I won't be swimming.

One of my favorites is the Fowey River class, elegant, seaworthy and so attractive. I haven't managed to sail one yet but can't help admiring themevery time we're in Fowey.



  1. Is dazzle camouflage part of the rules?

  2. Barubi - clearly to prevent boats being shot out of the water, did I mention they are a highly competitive fleet :O)


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