Monday 19 August 2019

Rum Runner

Spotted by friend Malcolm on the pontoon at Cowes, I always thought this type of boat was called a Baby Bootlegger

Judging by my internet search there are a lot of replicas around 30 feet. The original Baby Bootlegger was designed in 1924 by George Crouch and was a Gold Cup winner.

I presume this is a replica and apologies to the owner if it isn't, either way it's magnificent and immaculate. Plans are available so if you fancy building one and just happen to have a stock of mature mahogany safely stashed away


  1. Yours for 220K Swiss Francs.. :o)) More detail here... what a beauty..

  2. Steve, really lovely but can you imagine trying to keep it safe from the normal knocks and bumps that boats get, no chance of tying alongside an old barnacle encrusted wall!!


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