Sunday 4 March 2018

Seasonally adjusted

Well that was an interesting few days, the previous weekend had been warm, sunny, with daffodils coming up and all the signs of spring around the corner.

The next moment we're plunged into a very cold, few days, culminating with heavy snow - or at least heavy snow for this part of the world.

We last had snow like this in 2010, so for Joseph it was the first chance to get out and have fun with the sledge that's been hanging up in the garage since he was very young.

Not so good for drivers, the A27 was grinding to a halt not long after this picture was taken. Not as bad as previously when the road was closed with abandoned and stranded cars, but pretty bad until the snow plough came out.

The foreshore at Swanwick hard looking very festive, if a couple of months late.

The sudden cold snap was caused by some strong and very cold easterly winds which have been described in the press as "the beast from the east" or "hysteria from Siberia" whichever almost as soon as the snow was down things started to warm up again.

On Sunday morning this is all that's left of the giant snowballs Joseph and I rolled in the garden.

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