Friday, 2 March 2018

Early season 2

Inevitably following a sunny and bright Saturday, Sunday was grey and drab but with the temperature heading upwards we decided to break out the bikes and cycle along the Saltern trail around Chichester harbour.

There was a good turn out at Chichester Yacht Club with Lasers, Toppers and a few Aero's getting out on to the water

As I put the bikes away in the garage I looked guiltily at Tosh laying barricaded behind other boats, under a pile a camping equipment packed away for the winter. I had planned to strip and varnish her mast but work, life and other things got in the way.

Must make a bigger effort to get out on the water soon.

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  1. Good to see sailing in winter - if it's not blowing a gale, it can be a very enjoyable time of year to go sailing.


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