Friday 20 October 2017

Some Classics

I completely forgot the Hamble Classics race during September, but was reminded when these two classics were seen heading off down river while we were having an early lunch

H4 I think is the  Herreschoff half rater Winifred,  she certainly is nice. Built as a replica of the original 1892 fin-keeled  Wee Win in 1999 using the epoxy coated strip plank method.There's a great video on My Classic Boat

Further afield this looks to be an old (late 1960's or early 70's?) Merlin Rocket,. When I was in the Sea Scouts in my early teens the Merlin Rocket was the aspirational boat in our small fleet,  I was desperate to qualify to sail it and did. It wasn't always kept in the best of condition and I recall going swimming when a toe strap broke while hiked out.

Hull shape is very different from the modern wide dish shape.

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  1. I think the top one is Bronte and yes, that is Winifred. You can browse the OGA boat register at


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