Friday 26 May 2017

Portsmouth Harbour Houseboats

In a quiet corner of Portsmouth harbour at Wicor there are a few houseboats,, Seattle or Sausalito it's certainly 'aint, but nice to see there are still a few around.

The top one looks like it might be a converted lighter, an non powered barge that is frequently seen on the Thames loaded with everything from building rubble to household waste.

Above a cosy retreat alongside a huge barge at the far side with an almost full length roof top terrace commanding a panoramic view across the harbour.

And how about this for a floating candidate for Grand Designs?


  1. These homes could be anywhere in the world! With the exception of the design magazine cover shot, there are boat/barges like these in Vietnam, sometimes featured on Gavin Atkin's blog.

  2. Michael, sadly all too rare around here these days, the pressures of waterside development and local government attempts to "improve" the environment are forcing out the houseboats. Several were removed from the Hamble at Universal Marina last year, the alleged price of progress.


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