Saturday 21 November 2015

East Light of Emsworth

Pulled up on the town quay at Emsworth, Eastern Light has the look of a traditional local boat.

Sadly there was no one around to get more details from.

Looks like a great boat for exploring Chichester harbour and seaworthy enough to venture out and beyond the entrance.


  1. It may be a conversion of some sort (The UK had a great tradition of Life Boat conversion after WW2, although this is much smaller than a ships lifeboat). It looks very much like the type our local Sea Scouts use for rowing and sailing (minus the deck).

    1. Lovely. Her restoration was the subject of an article in "Classic Boat " magazine some years ago. I believe her origins were Royal Navy.

  2. When I cycled past this morning she'd gone... I like to think she's tucked up safe inside somewhere until warmer weather returns...

  3. Steve, hope so, she had moved last week when we came past on the way to the Greenhouse cafe for lunch.


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