Thursday 5 June 2014

D Day Memorial

These stones, erected in the Victoria Country Park at Netley overlooking Southampton Water commemorate the memory of those who took part in the D Day operation.

The inscription reads:

Write on this stone,
No words of sadness,
Only the gladness due.

That we who asked the most of living
Know how to give it too

Frank Thompson 1920 -1944

Seventy years ago on the eve of d Day, those who took part were waiting or boarding the flotilla of craft in the creeks and harbours of the Solent; an armada which took them across the channel to change the course of recent history.

Our gladness seems all too little, but we give it gladly and with thanks.


  1. This commenter will never fully realize the weight of D Day. What I do know is that I am forever in gratitude of those who jumped from the Higgins boats and ran for the dunes on that day in 1944.

  2. Too damn right... I was watching the footage of the old boys talking in Normandy about their memories of the day on BBC this morning and I'm not afraid to say it bought a tear to my eye...

  3. Likewise
    Having been to Normandy beaches several times, I still find it difficult to comprehend what it must have been like and how brave men were


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